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To be eligible, you must demonstrate a monthly income of $3,000  or an annual income of $36,000 for a digital nomad visa in Turkey, supported by proof of employment or a business contract.


The visa permits remote workers to enjoy Turkey’s attractions for a duration ranging from six months to one year, with the option of renewal once or twice.


If you’re aged between 21 and 55 and are from most EU countries, the UK, USA, or Canada, you can apply for a Turkish digital nomad visa.


Income tax rates range from 15% to 35%, depending on the amount of your income, as this tax is applied progressively.

Nomad Visa Turkey 2024

The Turkey Digital Nomad Visa, a recent addition to the visa categories, has been designed specifically to entice remote workers globally to relocate to Turkey, bringing their skills and economic contributions to the local community.

Ideal for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and professionals employed by non-Turkish companies, this visa offers an opportunity to experience Turkey’s warm hospitality, pleasant climate, and affordable lifestyle. It encourages a diverse range of individuals to integrate into Turkish society while fostering economic growth through their remote work endeavors.

How to Apply for the Türkiye Digital Nomad Visa

The eligibility requirements for the Turkey Digital Nomad Visa encompass several key aspects:

  1. Valid Passport: Your passport should have a validity of at least six months beyond your intended arrival date in Turkey.
  2. Remote Work Status: Applicants must engage in remote work as an employee, freelancer, or business owner, catering to clients or a company located outside of Turkey.
  3. Income Threshold: Demonstrating an annual income of no less than $36,000 USD (equivalent to roughly $3,000 USD monthly) is essential.
  4. Educational Background: A valid university degree or diploma is a prerequisite for application.
  5. Age Range: The age bracket for applicants ranges from 21 to 55 years old.
  6. Eligible Nationalities: Citizens of certain countries are eligible for this visa, including those from the EU, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Russian Federation, Ukraine, and Belarus.

It’s worth noting that individuals from countries not listed above as eligible cannot apply for the Turkey Digital Nomad Visa. These requirements ensure that the visa program targets a specific demographic of remote workers who can contribute positively to Turkey’s economy while experiencing the country’s culture and lifestyle.

To begin the Türkiye digital nomad visa application process, you’ll first need to obtain the Digital Nomad Identification Certificate, which can be done through the official Digital Nomads GoTürkiye website.

Once you have your Digital Nomad Identification Certificate, you’ll need to schedule a visa appointment at the designated Turkish consulate or visa center. The location for your appointment will be specified on your Identification Certificate.

Remember to bring all the original documents that you submitted to obtain the Identification Certificate. Depending on the specific consulate or visa center you’re visiting, additional documents may be required.

Türkiye for Digital Nomads

Turkey is an attractive destination for digital nomads, with cities like Antalya, Cappadocia, and Istanbul ranking high on their list. Offering a blend of delectable cuisine, rich history, stunning natural landscapes, and favorable weather conditions, Turkey is a hidden treasure for full-time traveling remote workers.

With an average monthly cost of living around $1,200 USD, digital nomads can experience tranquility, luxury, and adventure in Turkey. Moreover, Turkey serves as an excellent option for digital nomads who have exhausted their 90-day allowance in the Schengen Area and are seeking a new base.

Boasting numerous Blue Flag Beaches, excellent coworking spaces, and welcoming locals, Turkey quickly becomes a home away from home for digital nomads exploring the world.

Work. Travel. Explore. Enjoy. Freedom.

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