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Applicants are required to demonstrate a minimum annual income of at least €35,719. This financial threshold must be verified through the submission of bank statements.


While not officially labeled as a digital nomad visa, the Norwegian Independent Contractor Visa is ideally suited for digital nomads, allowing them to live and work in the country for up to two years.


Non EU citizens working remotely for a company not based in Norway.


NOK 6,300 or approximately 600 EUR.


Digital nomads must pay taxes in Norway if they stay in the country for more than 183 days. The current tax rate is 22% for both Norwegian residents and remote workers, who are also required to register for VAT.

Nomad Visa Norway 2024

Norway is renowned for its dramatic coastline, dotted with spectacular fjords—narrow sea inlets nestled between towering cliffs. These fjords were sculpted by the forces of glaciers and surrounded by imposing mountains, creating some of the world’s most breathtaking natural landscapes. In addition to its mainland, Norway’s territory includes the remote Svalbard archipelago and three islands in the Antarctic.

Svalbard, a pristine Arctic refuge, dedicates two-thirds of its area to national parks, nature reserves, and wildlife sanctuaries. This region is globally recognized as a prime destination for observing Arctic wildlife, including polar bears, reindeer, Arctic foxes, numerous bird species, walruses, and whales.

Norway ranks as a top destination for tourists seeking adventure. The country offers exceptional skiing opportunities in serene, world-class resorts, making it ideal for those passionate about outdoor winter sports. Furthermore, Norway’s growing reputation as a friendly locale for digital nomads is solidified with its innovative visa programs. Unlike many other countries, Norway offers a unique digital nomad visa specifically for Svalbard, which remarkably grants a lifelong stay upon application. This visa stands out due to its indefinite duration, removing the need for a separate residence permit.

Norway is also considered a secure and appealing choice for those looking to blend work with leisure. It was listed by the travel magazine Wanderlust as one of the top seven countries for a workation in 2021. However, the harsh, lengthy winters and high cost of living in Svalbard might deter some digital nomads.

For self-employed individuals, Norway offers the Independent Contractor Visa, which allows them to engage in business projects within Norway and is valid for up to two years, not limited just to Svalbard.

In terms of fiscal responsibilities, Norway’s IRS oversees tax collection. All residents are subject to a tax rate of 22% on income earned throughout the year. Remote workers and freelancers, recognized as self-employed, must register for VAT once their taxable sales exceed 50,000 NOK.

One of the unique aspects of Svalbard is its open immigration policy; anyone can settle there regardless of nationality, provided they have secured employment and housing.

How to Apply for the Norway Digital Nomad Visa

Applying for the digital nomad visa is straightforward and can be done entirely online. Applicants need to complete an application form, pay the visa fee, and submit the required documents, making the process simple and accessible.

Documents Required for Applying for the Norway Digital Visa

When applying for the Norway digital visa, the following documents are essential:

  1. Valid Passport: Provide a copy of all used pages in your passport.
  2. Application Form: Ensure the form is filled out correctly and completely.
  3. Educational Credentials: Include copies of your transcripts and degrees.
  4. Proof of Income: Bank statements or other financial documents that verify your income.
  5. Health Insurance: Provide proof of a valid health insurance policy.
  6. Visa Verification: Include a copy of a current valid visa.
  7. Signed Application Form: Make sure the form is signed as required.
  8. Curriculum Vitae (CV): A detailed and up-to-date CV.
  9. Photos: Two recent passport-sized photographs with a white background.

Additional Documents for Norway’s Independent Contractor Visa:

  1. Professional Qualifications: Documents proving relevant qualifications to work in your profession.
  2. Proof of Self-Employment: A contract or document showing you are self-employed and working on a project for a Norwegian business.
  3. Accommodation Proof: Documentation confirming your living arrangements in Norway.
  4. Income Verification: Proof of an annual pre-tax income of at least €35,719.

Visa Application Fee

The fee for the visa application is NOK 6300 (approximately 600 euros).

Application Timeline

The typical processing time for a visa application is about 15 days. However, applications from non-EU countries or those processed through an embassy may take up to a month due to extended document verification times.

Application Process

  • Preparation: Gather all required documents as detailed on Norway’s Directorate of Immigration website.
  • Submission: Fill out the application form and submit it online with all necessary documents, or physically bring them to the nearest Norwegian Embassy.
  • Approval: Once approved, you’re ready to begin your adventure in Norway.

The Benefits of Remote Working

Studies indicate that remote workers often report higher satisfaction, lower sickness rates, increased energy, and a stronger loyalty to their employers due to the flexibility offered by remote work. Embracing remote work while on vacation has become a significant global trend.

Why Choose Norway?

Yes, it’s very cold there but Norway offers tranquil environments perfect for concentrating on important tasks or simply experiencing some of the world’s most stunning locations away from the crowds. If you’re seeking a new challenge in unique locations and are prepared for the high cost of living, Svalbard presents an excellent opportunity for creating memorable experiences in your digital nomad journey.

Work. Travel. Explore. Enjoy. Freedom.

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