Italy Digital Nomad Visa & Remote Work



An income of €28,000+/year, employment contract, one-year private health insurance coverage, and poof of lodging in Italy (long-term residence stay, residential rental, or property purchase).


One year, and it can be renewed for as long as you continue to meet all of the requirements.


Non-EU nationals who work remotely and have three-year Bachelor’s degree or upper education or superior professional qualification supported by at least 5 years of professional experience.


Visa application costs around €116 and is non-refundable. Additional fees may be charged for document translations and certifications.

Nomad Visa Italy 2024

Italy, with its magnetic blend of culinary delights, rich history, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality, beckons digital nomads from around the globe. For those harboring dreams of living and working in this picturesque Mediterranean haven, the recently introduced Italy Digital Nomad Visa presents a golden opportunity.

The journey towards this visa began with its formal legalization on March 28, 2022, although the specific application criteria remained undefined. However, a significant development came to light with the enactment of Law Decree 79/2024 on February 29, 2024, subsequently published on April 4, 2024. This legislative milestone marked the Italian government’s delineation of the prerequisites necessary for visa application. Presently, active efforts are underway as the Italian authorities collaborate with Consular Authorities, including Italian consulates and embassies, to establish a streamlined application process. As progress unfolds, aspiring digital nomads are urged to stay tuned for updates regarding the commencement of visa applications.

The Italy Digital Nomad Visa is tailored for non-EU digital professionals engaged in “highly qualified work activities facilitated by technological tools, enabling remote and independent work or employment with a non-resident Italian company.”

To qualify for this coveted visa, applicants must demonstrate:

  1. A minimum annual income of approximately 28,000 euros.
  2. Comprehensive health insurance coverage.
  3. Evidence of suitable housing arrangements.
  4. A minimum of 6 months’ experience as a digital nomad or remote worker.

Upon successful visa issuance by the consulate or embassy, individuals can enter Italy and proceed to apply for a residence permit—a pivotal document that confers legal stay within the country. It’s vital to note that while the visa facilitates entry, the residence permit is the linchpin for sustained residency. Initially valid for a year, the residence permit is subject to renewal annually, contingent upon the unaltered fulfillment of qualifying conditions and regulatory compliance. Furthermore, family members of visa holders are eligible to apply for their own residence permits, extending the allure of Italy’s digital nomad program to encompass family-oriented lifestyles as well.

Who Can Apply for the Italian Digital Nomad Visa

The eligibility criteria for the Digital Nomad Visa for Italy target a specific cohort of individuals—remote workers and freelancers of exceptional skill hailing from outside the European Union. As delineated by the Italian government’s decree, a digital nomad is defined as an individual engaged in “highly qualified work activities facilitated by technological tools, enabling remote work in various capacities such as self-employment, collaboration, or employment with a non-Italian resident company.”

To qualify for this esteemed visa, applicants must furnish compelling evidence of their remote work engagement spanning a minimum period of six months. Additionally, financial stability is paramount, with a prerequisite annual income threshold set at €28,000. Concurrently, applicants are mandated to possess comprehensive health insurance coverage and provide evidence of pre-arranged accommodation for the duration of their intended stay. Furthermore, a clean legal record is imperative, necessitating applicants to not have been convicted of any criminal offenses within the preceding five years.

The stringent yet transparent criteria underscore Italy’s commitment to attracting and hosting a caliber of digital nomads who not only contribute to the economy but also integrate seamlessly into the societal fabric, fostering a harmonious coexistence within the vibrant Italian landscape.

Italy Digital Nomad Visa Requirements

The requisites for obtaining the Italian Digital Nomad Visa are still evolving as the visa itself is relatively new, lacking a substantial case history. However, foundational requirements have been elucidated in Law Decree 79/2024, which was published on April 4, 2024.

  1. Proof of Financial Stability: Applicants are mandated to demonstrate financial self-sufficiency by showcasing an annual income threshold of no less than €28,000. This can be substantiated through the submission of pertinent documents such as bank statements or employment contracts.
  2. Proof of Accommodation: Prospective visa holders must furnish evidence of suitable accommodation arrangements within Italy for the entirety of their intended stay. This can be corroborated by providing a registered lease agreement or a notarized ownership contract.
  3. Comprehensive Health Insurance: A prerequisite for the visa application is the possession of comprehensive health insurance coverage that extends for the entire duration of the individual’s stay in Italy.
  4. Clean Criminal Record: Applicants are required to exhibit a clean criminal record, underscoring their adherence to legal and ethical standards. Securing this document beforehand is imperative to streamline the application process.

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