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Finland, with its excellent internet infrastructure and stunning natural beauty, is highly appealing to digital nomads but does not offer a specific nomad visa. The primary entry option for most remote workers is the standard Schengen tourist visa, allowing a stay of up to 90 days within any 180-day period in the Schengen zone. Residents from many countries can obtain this visa upon arrival in any Schengen country, while others must pre-apply at an embassy or consulate.

For stays longer than 90 days, digital nomads might consider the Finland self-employment visa or start-up visa. The self-employment visa, suitable for freelancers and business partners, permits stays up to six months and is renewable. The start-up visa is for entrepreneurs planning to open a business in Finland with potential international growth, offering up to two years of stay initially, also renewable. Both visas require registering a company in Finland and entail paying Finnish taxes, thus they do not serve as remote work visas for casual digital nomadism.

Nomad Visa Finland 2024

Finland presents an enticing destination for digital nomads seeking a high standard of living, a robust startup ecosystem, and spectacular natural landscapes. From the dynamic urban atmosphere of Helsinki to the historical charm of Turku, and the enchanting Northern Lights in Lapland, Finland offers a rich tapestry of experiences for visitors.

However, for those looking to legally work and reside in Finland, it is essential to understand the visa requirements. Finland does not offer a specific visa tailored for digital nomads and does not permit remote work on a tourist visa or during visa-free stays.

The appropriate visa for digital nomads in Finland is the Self-Employment Visa. This visa is suitable for freelancers, consultants, or entrepreneurs who wish to work independently without the need to secure a local employer or establish a company within Finland.

What Is Finland’s Self-Employment Visa?

Finland’s Self-Employment Visa provides a pathway for non-EU citizens to live and work in Finland as independent professionals. This visa is available for up to six months, with the duration depending on the individual’s work circumstances. To be eligible, applicants must demonstrate a viable business plan, sufficient income to support themselves, and relevant professional skills.

Benefits of the Self-Employment Visa for Digital Nomads:

  1. Autonomy in Employment: The visa allows individuals to work as freelancers, consultants, or entrepreneurs without the need to affiliate with local businesses or create a Finnish company.
  2. Renewal Opportunities: It is possible to renew the self-employment visa annually, provided the visa holder continues to meet the eligibility criteria.
  3. Pathway to Permanent Residency: After four years of continuous residence in Finland, holders of the self-employment visa may apply for a permanent residence permit.
  4. Quality of Life: Visa holders can enjoy Finland’s high living standards, vibrant entrepreneurial environment, and stunning natural beauty, including phenomena like the Northern Lights.

Eligibility for the Self-Employment Visa:

Eligible applicants for Finland’s Self-Employment Visa include:

  • Private entrepreneurs who solely own their business
  • Partners in a general partnership
  • General partners (excluding silent partners) in a limited partnership
  • Members of a cooperative with unlimited liability responsibilities
  • Shareholders in a managerial role within a limited liability company

For EU or EEA citizens, the process is simplified as they can reside and work remotely in Finland for up to three months without specific permits. However, for longer stays or different working conditions, they must adhere to standard immigration procedures applicable to their circumstances.

How to Apply for Finland’s Self-Employment Visa as a Digital Nomad

Finland offers a self-employment visa tailored for freelancers, consultants, and entrepreneurs wishing to work remotely. You can apply for this visa online or through a paper application, each with specific steps to follow.

Online Application Process

Step 1: Gather Required Documents You will need a comprehensive set of documents, detailed further below, which are essential for the application process.

Step 2: Complete the Application Form Access the application form through the Enter Finland e-service portal. First, create an account and log in. Once logged in, fill out the application and upload the necessary documents.

Step 3: Select Your Service Point Choose a service point to verify your identity and provide your fingerprints. Service points can be located via the Enter Finland e-service or by contacting a Finnish diplomatic mission or consulate. It’s important to schedule an appointment in advance.

Step 4: Pay the Application Fee The fee for online applications is 400 EUR, payable through the online portal or at your chosen service point.

Step 5: Await the Decision The Finnish Immigration Service will notify you of the decision through the Enter Finland portal or via email.

Paper Application Process

Step 1: Download and Complete the Application Form The form OLE_Y is available on the Finnish Immigration Service website. Print, fill it out, and attach all necessary documentation.

Step 2: Submit Your Application Visit a Finnish embassy or consulate to submit your application. This is also where you will verify your identity and provide your fingerprints. Scheduling an appointment in advance is recommended.

Step 3: Pay the Application Fee The fee for paper applications is 600 EUR, payable at the Finnish embassy or consulate.

Step 4: Wait for a Decision You will receive notification from the Finnish embassy or consulate regarding the decision on your application.

Required Documents for Finland’s Self-Employment Visa

To apply for the self-employment visa, you’ll need the following documents for both online and paper applications:

  • A valid passport and color photocopies of the passport’s data page and any annotated pages.
  • A recent passport photo meeting police guidelines or a photo retrieval code from a photo service.
  • Proof of legal stay in the country from where you are applying.
  • The MP_1 form for those already in Finland and applying for their first residence permit.
  • An extract from the trade register or a justification for the absence of registration.
  • A comprehensive business plan outlining your company’s operations.
  • Information about your business premises.
  • Details about the number of employees (if applicable).
  • Evidence of professional qualifications.
  • Financial documents showing assets and other income.
  • A profitability forecast with estimated revenues and costs for the next two years.
  • Copies of contracts with customers and partners (if available).

Costs Related to Finland’s Self-Employment Visa

The cost of applying for a self-employment visa in Finland varies depending on the method of application:

  • Online applications: 400 EUR
  • Paper applications: 600 EUR

Payments can be made online or directly at the service point during the identity verification and fingerprinting process.

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