Estonia Digital Nomad Visa & Remote Work



Monthly income equivalent to or exceeding 3,500€.


You can stay in Estonia for 12 months.


Non-EU nationals who work remotely: freelancers or employees.


It costs 60 EUR to apply for an Estonian digital nomad visa.


Residents of Estonia are subject to taxation on their global income, regardless of its source. Estonia operates under a proportional (or flat) tax system with a fixed rate of 20%, applicable to all income earned by resident taxpayers.

Nomad Visa Estonia 2024

In a pioneering move back in 2020, Estonia set the stage for a paradigm shift in the global workforce with the introduction of what is now hailed as the digital nomad visa. This visionary initiative marked a watershed moment, heralding a future where the liberty to roam and the empowerment of autonomy reign supreme in the realm of employment.

For those intrepid souls traversing the realms of freelance work, Estonia beckons as a beacon of opportunity and adventure. Yet, the path to embracing the scenic vistas and dynamic culture of this Baltic gem while plying your trade as a freelancer necessitates the acquisition of the esteemed Estonia Digital Nomad Visa.

Crafted with the modern-day nomad in mind, the Estonia digital nomad visa serves as a tailored conduit for individuals yearning to seamlessly blend their professional pursuits with the allure of Estonia’s picturesque landscapes and vibrant communities.

In Estonia, digital nomads are presented with two distinct pathways to embrace their nomadic lifestyle, each offering unique temporal privileges tailored to accommodate varying durations of stay.

Estonia Type C Digital Nomad Visa

Positioned as a gateway to immersive experiences in Estonia, the Type C digital nomad visa extends a short-stay solution for adventurers seeking to blend work with exploration. With this visa in hand, nomadic souls can reside within Estonia’s borders for a period of up to 90 days, allowing ample time to soak in the country’s vibrant culture, picturesque landscapes, and innovative digital ecosystem.

Estonia Type D Digital Nomad Visa

For those yearning for a deeper immersion into the Estonian way of life, the Type D digital nomad visa offers an extended sojourn marked by enriched cultural exchanges and professional endeavors. Embracing a long-stay ethos, this visa grants holders the privilege to reside and engage in remote work within Estonia’s embrace for an expansive duration of up to one year. This extended timeframe affords digital nomads the opportunity to forge deeper connections with local communities, immerse themselves in Estonia’s dynamic business landscape, and foster lasting memories that transcend the transient nature of nomadic living.

Embarking on the journey to secure an Estonian digital nomad visa entails meeting a set of discerning criteria tailored to accommodate the dynamic lifestyle of remote workers and freelancers. To be considered for this coveted visa, aspiring applicants must satisfy the following conditions:

  1. Age Requirement: Applicants must surpass the threshold of 18 years, signifying a level of maturity conducive to embracing the responsibilities and opportunities inherent in the digital nomad lifestyle.
  2. Flexible Work Arrangements: Central to the ethos of the digital nomad visa is the capacity for remote work. Prospective visa holders must demonstrate the flexibility to engage in remote employment, enabling them to seamlessly merge professional commitments with the exploration of Estonia’s rich cultural tapestry.
  3. International Business Affiliation: Eligibility extends to individuals who serve as employers, partners, or stakeholders in companies domiciled beyond the borders of Estonia. This criterion underscores the visa’s emphasis on facilitating cross-border collaboration and fostering global connectivity.
  4. Freelance or Consulting Endeavors: Aspiring visa holders must actively engage in freelance work or provide consulting services to clients and entities situated abroad. Essential to this requirement is the provision of documented evidence substantiating contractual agreements with external stakeholders, affirming one’s commitment to professional engagement beyond Estonia’s shores.
  5. Verification of Nomadic Status: A fundamental tenet of the digital nomad visa is the validation of one’s nomadic lifestyle. Applicants must furnish compelling evidence attesting to their status as freelancers or digital nomads, thereby affirming their alignment with the ethos of remote work and global mobility.
  6. Financial Stability: In order to ensure financial solvency during their stay in Estonia, applicants are required to demonstrate a monthly income equivalent to or exceeding €3,500. This stipulation serves as a safeguard against financial uncertainty, empowering visa holders to navigate their professional and personal pursuits with confidence and stability.

Embracing the Estonian Digital Nomad Visa unlocks a world of freedom and opportunity for remote workers. Holders can work for international companies, explore Schengen countries, and enjoy flexible hours while residing in Estonia for up to one year. With access to high-speed internet across the country, professionals can seamlessly blend work and exploration in Estonia’s vibrant communities and picturesque landscapes. Overall, the visa facilitates a lifestyle of autonomy, cultural immersion, and professional fulfillment amidst Estonia’s innovative digital ecosystem.

Checklist Documents for the Estonian Digital Nomad Visa

If you want to secure an Estonian Digital Nomad Visa necessitates meticulous preparation and adherence to a detailed document checklist. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the essential documents required for a successful visa application:

  1. Valid Passport: Ensure your passport remains valid for at least three months beyond your intended return date, with a minimum of two blank pages for visa stamps. Include copies of any previous visas obtained, if applicable, to provide a comprehensive travel history.
  2. Completed Application Form: Navigate the online application portal to complete the requisite forms, ensuring all information provided is accurate and truthful. Print a hard copy of the application form and affix your signature at the designated section to authenticate the submission.
  3. Work Contract: Furnish documented evidence of a valid work contract with companies or clients situated outside of Estonia, affirming your commitment to remote employment during your stay in the country.
  4. Employer Letter: Obtain a letter from your employer explicitly stating your intention to work remotely while residing in Estonia, further substantiating your professional engagement beyond Estonian borders.
  5. Bank Statement: Present a bank statement issued within the last six months, demonstrating sufficient financial resources to support yourself during your tenure in Estonia. This document serves as proof of your ability to meet financial obligations without imposing a burden on the host country’s resources.
  6. Proof of Accommodation: Provide documentation attesting to your accommodation arrangements while in Estonia, whether through a rental agreement, hotel reservation, or invitation letter from a host. This ensures compliance with residency requirements and facilitates a seamless transition into Estonian life.
  7. Criminal Record Check: Procure a clean criminal record certificate from the authorities in your home country, affirming your integrity and ensuring compliance with Estonian visa regulations. This document serves to reassure Estonian authorities of your suitability for residency within their jurisdiction.
  8. Health Insurance Coverage: Obtain comprehensive health insurance coverage valid across the entire Schengen Area, with a minimum coverage of €30,000. This safeguard ensures access to quality healthcare services during your stay in Estonia, mitigating potential financial risks associated with unforeseen medical emergencies.
  9. Educational Certificates: Submit copies of relevant educational certificates, including diplomas, training certificates, and any additional qualifications, to bolster your professional credentials and affirm your commitment to ongoing personal development.

How to Apply for an Estonian Digital Nomad Visa?

  1. Schedule an Appointment: Initiate the process by booking an appointment with the nearest embassy or consulate of Estonia located in your home country. This initial step ensures streamlined communication and facilitates the submission of your visa application.
  2. Complete the Application Form: Access the online portal to fill out the digital nomad visa application form, providing accurate and comprehensive information as requested. Once completed, print a hard copy of the form and affix your signature, attesting to the veracity of the information provided.
  3. Compile Required Documents: Thoroughly gather all the requisite documents outlined in the visa application guidelines, ensuring adherence to specified formats and documentation requirements. This includes but is not limited to your passport, work contract, bank statements, proof of accommodation, and health insurance coverage.
  4. Submit Documents: Present the compiled set of documents to the nearest Estonian embassy or consulate in your home country, following the stipulated submission procedures. Exercise diligence in ensuring all documents are organized and accurately presented to expedite the processing of your visa application.
  5. Await Response: Exercise patience as you await a response from the Estonian authorities regarding the status of your visa application. Expect to receive a response from the Estonian embassy within 15 to 30 days after submitting your application. However, please note that processing times may extend up to two months.
  6. Enter Estonia and Apply for E-Residency: Upon receiving approval and obtaining your Estonian Digital Nomad Visa, proceed to enter Estonia within the designated timeframe. Upon arrival, seize the opportunity to apply for an E-Residency card, granting you access to Estonia’s digital infrastructure and facilitating seamless engagement in remote work endeavors.

What is the E-Residency Card?

The E-Residency card stands as a pivotal gateway to Estonia’s digital ecosystem, issued by the government to empower individuals with unparalleled access to the nation’s e-government services and vibrant business environment. Functioning as both a credential and a tool, this card plays a multifaceted role in facilitating online interactions and verifying user identities across various digital platforms.

At its core, the E-Residency card serves as a conduit for individuals to seamlessly navigate Estonia’s expansive array of e-services, spanning governmental functions, financial transactions, and entrepreneurial endeavors. By harnessing the power of this digital credential, E-Resident users gain entry into a dynamic realm of possibilities, transcending geographical boundaries to manage business operations and engage in administrative tasks from virtually anywhere in the world.

Moreover, the E-Residency card empowers individuals to leverage Estonia’s business-friendly environment to its fullest extent. Armed with this digital identity, entrepreneurs can establish and manage businesses with unparalleled ease, leveraging Estonia’s streamlined administrative processes and robust digital infrastructure to navigate regulatory requirements and foster entrepreneurial growth.

In essence, the E-Residency card serves as a catalyst for digital empowerment and entrepreneurial innovation, unlocking a world of opportunities for individuals seeking to engage in remote work, establish businesses, and participate in Estonia’s thriving digital landscape. Whether managing business operations from afar or embarking on new entrepreneurial ventures, the E-Residency card empowers individuals to transcend traditional constraints and embrace a future defined by digital connectivity and global collaboration.

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