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Denmark, a country often associated with Vikings, salty licorice, LEGO, and bicycles, is a desirable destination known for its cozy concept of Hygge and high living standards. However, for those considering Denmark as a base for digital nomadism, it’s important to note that Denmark does not currently offer a digital nomad visa. Non-EU citizens must secure employment with a Danish company and obtain a work permit to work legally in Denmark, including remote work. EU/EEA and Swiss citizens, on the other hand, can work as digital nomads without such restrictions, though they must register their stay after three months.

For non-EU/EEA and non-Swiss citizens interested in entrepreneurship, Denmark offers a Startup Visa. This program is tailored for self-employed individuals planning to establish a business in Denmark and requires a comprehensive business plan for approval. Non-EU members of an EU/EEA team do not need a separate residence and work permit, thanks to EU free movement rules.

Nomad Visa Denmark 2024

Denmark does not have a specific digital nomad visa, but digital nomads have several other options for entering the country. They can apply for a 90-day Schengen tourist visa or, if eligible, a one-year working holiday visa, which offers considerable flexibility for working while traveling. Additionally, Denmark offers a startup visa for those looking to establish a business with significant growth potential, although the requirements are stringent. Income earned within Denmark is taxable, but international income is generally not taxed.

1. Schengen Tourist Visa

This visa is the most straightforward option for digital nomads planning a short visit to Denmark. It allows entry into the Schengen area for up to 90 days within a 180-day period. While this visa is convenient, it’s important to note that any form of work during the stay, even remotely, is prohibited without a proper work permit. This visa is primarily for tourism and exploring Denmark before potentially applying for a more suitable long-term visa.

Citizens from many countries can obtain this visa upon arrival without pre-application, while others must apply in advance, providing necessary documentation. The application process involves registering online, filling out an application form within six months prior to travel, and paying a fee of DKK598 (approximately US$85). Post-application, an appointment at a local embassy or consulate is required to submit further documents and biometric data. Processing times range from 15 to 30 days, though delays can occur depending on the applicant’s home country.

2. Denmark Working Holiday Visa

This visa caters to young citizens from select countries (Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Japan, New Zealand, and South Korea), allowing them to reside in Denmark for up to one year. It enables them to work intermittently to support their stay. This program operates on a reciprocal basis, mirroring the conditions Danish citizens receive in these countries.

Applicants must demonstrate financial sufficiency with a minimum of DKK5,000 (US$715) and are required to either have a return ticket or show the capability to purchase one. The application fee is DKK2,115 (US$300), and the visa outcome is typically decided within three months. Notably, Argentina and Chile have annual quotas, and once filled, the application process is paused until the following year.

Denmark’s Startup Visa

Denmark’s Startup Visa is designed specifically for innovative entrepreneurs who aim to develop high-impact businesses within the country. This visa provides an excellent opportunity for non-EU citizens to bring their entrepreneurial spirit to Denmark, offering an initial two-year residency that can be extended in three-year periods. The extensions are contingent upon demonstrating continuous business development and growth.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for the Denmark Startup Visa, applicants must present a comprehensive business plan that outlines the potential for significant growth. The business must be set up in Denmark or must establish a Danish branch. Teams of up to three non-EU citizens can jointly submit a single business plan, making this an attractive option for collaborative entrepreneurial endeavors.

Application Process

The first step involves crafting a detailed business plan, which is crucial for the application. This plan must be submitted in English and will be assessed by a designated panel to evaluate its viability and growth potential. The assessment process typically takes around three weeks, and there is no fee to submit the business plan for evaluation.

Business Plan Approval and Work Permit Application

Once the business plan is approved, the next step is to apply for a work permit. To be eligible for the work permit, applicants must hold a significant stake in the company and play an active role in its management. Additionally, the applicant’s presence in Denmark must be essential for the operation of the business.

Visa Application Submission

Following a successful work permit application, you can proceed with the visa application. This application should include:

  • The approval letter for your business plan.
  • Proof of significant ownership in the company.
  • Evidence of sufficient financial resources to support your stay in Denmark.

Living and Working in Denmark

This visa not only allows you to live in Denmark but also involves active participation in the growth and management of your startup. It’s tailored for those who are prepared to invest time and resources into launching and developing a business that will contribute positively to the Danish economy.

Guide on Applying for a Danish Visa: Steps and Fees

Applying for a Danish visa involves a structured process and a fee. The current fee for the application is DKK 2,115 (approximately US$300). Payment must be made within the same calendar year as the application submission. Typically, the outcome of the visa application is communicated within three months.

Detailed Step-by-Step Visa Application Process:

Step 1: Create a Case Order ID
Begin by creating a Case Order ID on the Danish immigration website. This ID will be used throughout the application process and will also generate a payment request for the visa fee.

Step 2: Pay the Visa Fee
Payment options include online payment via credit or debit card, online bank transfer, or direct deposit at a bank or post office. Ensure that payment is made within the same calendar year as the application.

Step 3: Gather Required Documentation
Collect all necessary documents for your application. This includes proof of fee payment and photocopies of your passport’s all pages, including empty ones and the front and back covers.

Step 4: Complete the Application Form
With your case ID, log onto the Danish immigration website to complete the online application form. Depending on your location, you might be able to submit this online or you might need to print and submit it at a local embassy or consulate.

Step 5: Register Your Biometrics
If you submit your application online, you must register your biometrics (photo and fingerprints) within 14 days. If submitting in person, biometrics registration will occur during your appointment. You will need to schedule an appointment at a local embassy or consulate for this step.

Step 6: Wait for an Outcome
After submitting your application and all required documents, expect to receive the outcome via email within three months. Immigration services may contact you if further information is needed to process your application.

Timeline and Costs Associated with Danish Visa Applications

  • Processing Time: The standard processing time for most Danish visas is about three months. If a longer processing time is expected, applicants are typically informed during the application process.
  • Application Fee: The standard fee is DKK 2,115 (US$300). Note that some applicants, such as those from Japan applying under the working holiday visa scheme, may be exempt from this fee. More information about fee exemptions can be found on the Danish immigration website.

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