Colombia Digital Nomad Visa & Remote Work



Minimum monthly income of $800 USD.


2 years and it’s not renewable as of now.


Anyone with passports from specific countries.


The application fee is $177 USD.


The general tax rate for capital gains in Colombia is 15%.

Nomad Visa Colombia 2024

Digital nomads are a burgeoning segment of the workforce, harnessing digital tools to work from anywhere and embrace a location-independent lifestyle. This trend has seen significant growth, particularly with a predominant presence from the United States among digital nomads in 2022.

These individuals relish the ability to traverse various locales while maintaining their professional engagements or managing businesses remotely. The allure of destinations like Colombia stems from multiple factors, including its cost-effective living standards, diverse natural landscapes, and inclusive cultural milieu. Among the favored global cities for digital nomads, Medellín stands out, offering a blend of improved infrastructure, reliable internet connectivity, and a burgeoning network of co-working spaces tailored to their work-from-anywhere needs. Additionally, Colombia’s visa provisions present an attractive proposition for digital nomads seeking a harmonious work-life balance.

Regarding the legal framework supporting digital nomadism, Colombia has taken a proactive step by introducing the sought-after Digital Nomad Visa (Visa V Nómadas Digitales) in October 2022, which officially came into effect in January 2023.

The guidelines governing the Digital Nomad Visa in Colombia are delineated in Resolution 5477 of 2022. This visa streamlines the entry process for individuals identifying as digital nomads, remote workers, or digital entrepreneurs from countries not subject to short-stay visa requirements. Such individuals can now enter Colombia using an Entry Permit issued by immigration authorities, eliminating the need for a traditional visa.

This initiative underscores Colombia’s forward-thinking approach to embracing innovation and fostering an environment conducive to the evolving needs of modern professionals. By facilitating seamless integration for digital nomads, Colombia is not only showcasing its adaptability but also positioning itself as an attractive destination for those seeking a blend of work and exploration in the vibrant tapestry of South America.

Colombia Digital Nomad Visa Eligibility

Eligibility for the Colombia Digital Nomad Visa is contingent upon meeting specific criteria:

  1. Remote Work Requirement: Aspiring digital nomads must be employed by an international company and work remotely from Colombia.
  2. Intended Stay: Applicants should plan to reside in Colombia for more than 90 days.
  3. Income Threshold: Demonstrating a minimum monthly income of USD 800 is essential to qualify for the visa.

It’s worth noting that this visa option is accessible only to citizens of countries exempt from Colombia’s short-stay visa requirements, such as the United States, Canada, Portugal, Australia, and Germany, among others.

Benefits of the Colombian Digital Nomad Visa

The Colombian Digital Nomad Visa offers numerous advantages for remote professionals, enhancing both personal and professional endeavors:

  1. Legal Compliance: It grants legal permission to work remotely in Colombia, ensuring adherence to immigration regulations and facilitating the acquisition of necessary permits.
  2. Extended Duration: With a validity of up to 2 years, this visa eliminates the hassle of frequent renewals, providing stability and ample time to immerse oneself in the local culture.
  3. Access to Services: Visa holders can access essential services like banking, healthcare, and local amenities, enhancing daily convenience.
    • Colombia’s healthcare system ranks 22nd globally in 2023, offering quality care at a comparatively reasonable cost.
  4. Networking Opportunities: Joining Colombia’s thriving digital nomad community enables connections with like-minded professionals, fostering collaboration and growth opportunities.
  5. Cost-Effective Living: Enjoying a lower cost of living compared to many Western countries, Colombia offers affordable housing, dining, and entertainment options, ensuring a high quality of life within a budget.
    • Baseline monthly costs in 2023 are estimated between $1,000 and $2,000, making it financially feasible for digital nomads.
  6. Safety Measures: Significant improvements in safety across various regions make Colombia a secure destination for travelers, supported by effective law enforcement measures.
    • Colombia ranks 15th in a crime report for the Americas in 2023, reflecting enhanced safety measures and reduced crime rates.

Restrictions of the Colombia Digital Nomad Visa

While the visa presents numerous benefits, applicants should be aware of certain limitations:

  1. Stay Duration: Visa holders can stay in Colombia for a maximum of 180 days per calendar year, necessitating exit and re-entry or visa renewal beyond this period.
  2. Employment Restrictions: Engaging in local employment within Colombia is prohibited under the Digital Nomad Visa, which is exclusively designed for remote work arrangements with foreign entities.
  3. Tax Considerations: While foreign-sourced income is typically exempt from Colombian taxation for non-residents, income earned within Colombia is subject to local tax laws, mandating compliance with tax regulations.

Colombia Digital Nomad Visa Taxes

Digital nomads, by virtue of their non-resident status, are exempt from fulfilling income tax obligations in Colombia, as they fail to meet the criteria for tax residency. This means that they are not required to report their global income to Colombian tax authorities. However, if their earnings stem from local sources or involve assets acquired within the country, such as real estate, they must report and pay income tax on those specific revenues.

For individuals who spend more than 183 days in Colombia within a period of 365 consecutive days, they transition into tax resident status in the subsequent year. Once classified as tax residents, they are obliged to declare and pay taxes on their worldwide income at 15% flat rate. This shift in tax status is significant, as it implies a broader responsibility for reporting and paying taxes on all income earned globally, not just income generated within Colombia.

Colombia Digital Nomad Visa Requirements

To be eligible for the Colombia Digital Nomad Visa, applicants must fulfill specific requirements related to remote work and documentation:

  1. Remote Work or Entrepreneurship: Candidates must engage in remote work or teleworking activities from Colombia through digital means and the internet. This work should be exclusively for foreign companies, or individuals can establish a digital content or information technology venture that aligns with Colombia’s interests.
  2. Required Documents:
    • Valid Passport: The passport must have a minimum validity of 6 months at the time of visa application.
    • Employment Letter: An official letter in Spanish or English from one or more foreign companies detailing the nature of the work relationship and the compensation structure. This letter serves as proof of your professional engagement with foreign companies, highlighting the nature of your work, contractual terms, and compensation details. It should be on official letterhead and signed by authorized personnel.
    • Motivational Letter: This letter should outline your entrepreneurial project, including the financial and human resources you currently possess or intend to acquire. Use this opportunity to showcase your entrepreneurial vision and the potential impact of your venture on Colombia’s digital landscape. Include details about your business plan, target market, growth projections, and any unique value propositions.
    • Financial Proof: Bank statements demonstrating a minimum monthly income equivalent to 3 times the Current Minimum Legal Monthly Wage (SMLMV) for the previous 3 months. In 2024, this equates to COP 3,480 or approximately USD 800. Bank statements play a crucial role in demonstrating your financial stability and ability to sustain yourself while living and working in Colombia. Ensure these statements are clear, recent, and show consistent income meeting the visa requirements.
    • Health Insurance: A comprehensive health insurance policy covering various risks such as accidents, illnesses, pregnancy, disability, hospitalization, death, or repatriation. Your health insurance policy should provide comprehensive coverage for various contingencies, ensuring you have access to necessary medical care and support during your stay in Colombia.
    • Passport Photo: A passport-style photo measuring 3x4cm with a white background.

Colombia Digital Nomad Visa Application Process

The application process for obtaining a Colombian Digital Nomad Visa typically spans up to 30 days and involves several key steps conducted online:

Step 1: Verify Eligibility

Ensure you meet the Colombian government’s eligibility criteria for the Digital Nomad Visa, which includes holding non-Colombian citizenship, providing evidence of remote work, demonstrating financial stability, intending a temporary stay, and having a clean record regarding Colombian immigration laws. This visa option is available to citizens of specific countries like the US, Canada, Portugal, Australia, Germany, and others.

Step 2: Collect Required Documentation

Prepare all necessary paperwork before initiating the Digital Nomad Visa application process. Essential documents include a valid passport, proof of remote work such as an employment letter, recent bank statements, comprehensive health insurance coverage, completed visa application form, passport-sized photographs, and any other relevant certificates. Ensure that all documents are translated into Spanish if necessary and certified for accuracy.

Step 3: Online Application Submission

Access the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website to fill out and submit the online application form. Follow the instructions provided on the website to complete the application accurately and attach the required electronic documents as per the guidelines.

Step 4: Payment of Initial Fees

Before finalizing the application submission, pay the requisite application fee of approximately USD 50 through the designated payment portal on the website.

Step 5: Await Processing

After submitting your application, allow for a processing period of a few weeks for the authorities to review and assess your submission.

Step 6: Receive Notification of Approval

Upon approval of your Digital Nomad Visa application, you will receive a notification indicating the approval status. This notification may be sent electronically or through traditional mail.

Step 7: Visa Fee Payment and Delivery

Upon receiving approval notification, proceed to pay the visa fee as specified in the notification, typically ranging between USD 170 and USD 230. Once the visa fee is paid, your Colombian Digital Nomad Visa will be issued electronically within 10 days.

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